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Welcome to LAJEB Produce (Fiji) Ltd

Keeping the “fresh” in fresh produce – no matter the distance.

Fijians, Australians and New Zealanders are passionate about fruit and veg. At LAJEB Produce, we connect travellers and expats in these countries with their favorite fresh foods from home, ensuring the high level of quality they’ve come to expect.

Traditionally, the export of fruit and vegetables between Fiji, Australia and NZ has been a lengthy process involving several parties with no guarantee of an adequate final product. At LAJEB Produce we control every phase, from procurement through to distribution, to ensure the finest fresh foods are available at the lowest costs every time.

We cater to all, from large hotels with a year-round influx of tourists to the households of expat families longing for the tastes of home. Shoppers can expect everything from fresh foods and vegetables to packaged foods like pasta, snacks, sweets and staples to household necessities such as cleaning products, soaps and detergents. There will also be personal hygiene products such as toothpaste and nappies, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, name it. From Australian apples, oranges and strawberries to Fijian taro and cassava – and much more in between – you can trust LAJEB Produce to connect you with the fresh foods and household necessities you love.


Welcome to our website, and be sure to check out our online store to order and save on all your
fresh produce and shopping needs.


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